Clef Gut Jazz Bass Strings with Wound A & E

Tarmstrenger med omspunnet E- og A-streng

NOK4 900,00 inkl. mva.
På lager: 4 stk.


Clef Gut Jazz Bass Strings are a high quality European-made gut double bass string with a classic tone and stability that is sure to last. These strings are similar to Clef Gut Upright Bass Strings, but the A and E strings are silver wound and the D is Perlon wound, while the G  remains a plain unwound gut. These double bass strings are handmade by European craftsman using only mutton serosa (sheep intestine). Mutton gives a lower tension, softer feel, and warm rich tones within the string. It is far too delicate to process by machine, and even the twisting of the strands into a string is done by hand—it’s the only way to properly judge the tension of the string. Clef Gut Jazz Double Bass Strings are available in full sets only