Headway EDB-2 VAP - (Valve Alchemy Pro)

To-kanals preamp med rør i sluttrinnet

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Equaliser Direct Blender ~ Valve Alchemy Professional

2 Channel Pre-amplifier & Harmonic Enhancers


Acoustic Pre-Amplifier, Pro Audio Valve (Tube), Equalisers, D.I, Anti-Feedback, Blender, 48v, 10v & 5v Phantom Power, Dual Action Harmonic Enhancers, USB Charger

FX Loops & expanded routing options – For Pickups & Stereo option Microphones via D.C Powering or Battery Backup

Suitable for stage and recording, EDB-2 VAP provides a transformative, beautifully voiced, yet practical problem solving solution to the diverse and critical needs for high end acoustic musical instrument amplification

EDB-2 VAP offers a huge range of gain to interface signals weak or strong with mixers and other sound processors, with a unique range of features, including highly effective but simple interactive EQ and Notch Filters plus warmth and “quack” beating valve ( tube ) response other versatile facilities to get the best possible trouble-free sound from amplified acoustic stringed instruments, with ease


Customer led expanded features, now dual instrument/ player friendly, blended 2 stage Valve “Rich Harmonics” and analogue “High Harmonics”,

Now allows blending across two channels from Stereo Jack In combined with Phantom Powering option. Also 3 Phantom voltages, extra D.I Outputs and Pre/Post EQ

EDB-2 VAP expands the appeal of the line from purely acoustic strings applications into the worlds of archtop guitars, jazz, blues, electric guitar and broad orchestral & folk instrument applications

H.E.A.T. ~ Harmonic Enhanced Analogue Technology with tuneable added “Rich & High Harmonics”

Improved Class “A” Inputs & lower noise Pro Audio Circuits voiced for clarity and warmth, producing a huge 32dB of Gain

Twin Channels with 2 sets of 5 Band Interactive EQ & 2 quiet Mute switches

Phantom Power to jack & XLRs: 48v, 11v & 5v

Mono, Stereo and Balanced Inputs, with two XLR INs, enabling Stereo true Condenser Microphones to be powered via 2 Channels

3 way input impedance switches on each channel

Send / Return and Insert Point provide FX Loops for optimal connection of effects or tuner, separately via both channels

“Range” rotary controls on each Channel provide a variable High Pass Filter, rolling off low frequencies to optimise low end response

Tuneable Notch Filter on either channel to defeat feedback and resonances on either channel

Phase Reverse and Earth Lift switches to correct phase imbalance, feedback and ground hum

Highly versatile mono, stereo or blended outputs via Line Out jack and two Balanced D.I. XLR’s

USB Charger Socket for digital devices

BBC Pro Audio design panel layout for contrast and easy reading

DC Power Supply included (as standard) 100v-240v. Low noise design

Pre-amplifier mounting option via bracket

Aluminium Enclosure / Supplied as standard with leather (PU) chest bag

Long life, heavy feel controls that stay in position

Comprehensive printed manual

Designed in UK ~ Made in Poland (EU)