Grace Design BiX Preamp

NOK5 530,00 inkl. mva.


The popular FELiX and ALiX preamps from Grace Design have become a new standard in high-quality preamplification for live bassists (and other acoustic instrumentalists as well - but we talk mostly to bassists, so...) 

The FELiX is a two-channel model with a phantom-powered XLR for mics, blending, and so on. The ALiX takes most of the great features of the FELiX's pickup channel and creates a single-channel model with all the bells and whistles. Both feature transparent sound, dead-quiet performance, and really useful tools for sound-shaping.

BiX is the newest, smallest, most affordable option in the lineup. A one-channel, scaled back (but still very capable) preamp that provides the high-impedance input to get the most uncompromised sound out of your piezo-electric pickup (like the various Realists, the K&K's, the Ehrlund, the Fishman pickups, and many more) no matter what amp you're using. It features a 1/4" output for your stage amp, as well as a top-shelf DI to send to the house. A built-in effects loop allows you to add additional tone or EQ options, and a boost control with footswitch allows for two different volume levels (great for soloing, or for pizz and arco.) There's also a mute footswitch - for breaks or tuning.

And don't underestimate the two-band EQ; it has selectable roll-off points so you can tailor it to your needs. 

Runs on standard 9vDC, and has the smallest footprint yet. And, as always, made in the USA of high-quality components. All this, with a 5-year warranty!