Prodipe Pro BL21 Lanen

Cardioid mic for contrabass ♦ Flexible gooseneck for easy mounting ♦ Anti vibration clamp ♦ Excellent natural sound ♦ 140dB High sound pressure level

NOK1 350,00 inkl. mva.
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A very faithful response, an excellent natural sound  and an easy and fast assembly!

Developed under the direction of Ludovic Lanen with the help of the talented Gérard Prévost, the BL21 Lanen microphone is specially designed for the recording and sound reinforcement of double basses.

Equipped with an electret cell capable of handling 140dB, it will capture all the dynamics and nuances of your playing.

Its great linearity will perfectly respect the timbre and the sonority of your instrument.

Particular attention has been paid to attaching the microphone to the instrument.