Wolf Super Endpin

Fleksibel endpin-stopper, tar opp til 10mm i diameter

NOK275,00 inkl. mva.
På lager: 18 stk.


This little device is the cure to dreaded "spouse comments about holes in carpet" as well as dirty looks when you spike your bass into somebody´s wooden floor. It also will help avoid having your endpin skid across smooth surfaces.

This semi-hard solid rubber ball may outlast either of us! It is made so your endpin goes up to one inch into the ball, depending on the sharpness of the tip. It is designed to handle the tip or blunt end. It´s simple -- you dial the small screws to size it to your endpin, and then use the larger knob to tighten it. The sleeve is just large enough for the popular 10mm endpin shaft size, and easily dialed down to the 8mm size, or other sizes smaller than 10mm. For the metric-impaired, 10mm is .39 inches (25/64th), a bit larger than 3/8".

Will it Fit?
See the "Additional Product Photos" for how to easily measure your endpin to ensure fitment - and also make sure that if your endpin has a "collar" near the point, that it won´t interfere.

This will not fit the 1/2" stock Kay/Engelhardt endpin. See the FAQ below.

While this endpin ball is robust, nothing is permanent, and, depending on use, it will eventually need to be replaced if significantly worn.