Dunlop Trivium Hybrid Wound Nickel Bass Strings

Hybridstrenger omspunnet med både nikkel og stål. 5-strengs sett

NOK550,00 inkl. mva.


Disse strengene er utviklet av Dunlop for Paolo Gregoletto fra bandet Trivium. Det unike for strengene er at omspinningen ikke bare er nikkel eller rustfritt stål, men en blanding av begge deler. Det sørger for nok bunn og bass, samtidig som det er nok av klarhet og aggressiv mellomtone-bit i lyden. 

These Hybrid Wound Nickel Bass Strings offer a bold tone, punchy low end, aggressive midrange, and a smooth, comfortable playability thanks to alternating nickel and steel windings.

Designed to give Paolo Gregoletto a bigger, bolder tone, these Hybrid Wound Nickel Bass Strings are made with alternating nickel and steel windings with a nickel outer wrap to tap into the unique tonality of both materials. Nickel layers provide a big, punchy low end while the steel layers allow you to cut through the mix with an aggressive midrange. Boosted by steel and tamed by nickel, the top end is pronounced yet musical. Under the fingers, Hybrid Wound Bass Strings are smooth and comfortable to play. From tone to touch, you won’t find a more exceptionally balanced set of bass strings.

“I’ve been using Dunlop strings for a while now. When they came to me with these Hybrid Wound Bass Strings, I immediately made them a part of my setup. If you want to get the perfect rock or metal bass tone, these are the strings to use!” —Paolo Gregoletto