Markbass Strings Bass Vintage Flat 045-105

Longscale, flatwound 45-105

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MEDIUM GAUGE: 045 065 085 105

The VINTAGE series FLAT WOUND bass strings are made of a mix of nickel and laminated 
steel wire, hand-wound on hexagonal high carbon content core with high magnetic content 
to increase the response of magnetic pickups, and polished by the skilled hands of our 
master string makers. Their calibrated diameter and tension offer amazing sound and feel, 
with classic flat, smooth, long life tone.

Markbass Strings are made at our factory in Abruzzo (Italy), using the best selected innovative 
materials and ultimate quality controls matched with the ancient tradition of master string makers.   
Maybe not many people know that since the past centuries Abruzzo has been the motherland 
of almost all string makers.
The art of string making was born in this beautiful part of the world and many great brands 
in today’s worldwide market can trace their own origins here,  it's a history made of skilled 
hands, hard work, sacrifices and so much genius: typical features of  people from Abruzzo.
This artistry and know how have been exported worldwide as well, offering a superior product 
with exceptional performance, amazing feeling, intonation and reliability!