Genzler Crash Box-4 (Classic Bass Distortion)

4 ulike typer distortion i en pedal!

NOK2 950,00 inkl. mva.


The new CRASH BOX 4 PEDAL is an ALL-ANALOG distortion pedal that dynamically emulates 4 different distortion types found in popular tube and solid-state distortion circuit topologies and then gives the player additional flexibility and control over drive/gain, distortion path (only)–high pass and low pass filters and separately a clean signal path blend. The result is the ability to tailor and fine tune the distortion to fit a wide spectrum of music and playing techniques, without the loss of touch sensitivity, musicality, or the addition of excess noise.

1st GEAR: Reminiscent of a tube amp’s moderately driven channel (including natural harmonics) with a bit of compression when driven hard. Many players will find that this works well as a mellow/milder, smoother overdrive/distortion with plenty of even ordered harmonic richness , and dimensional texture.

2nd GEAR: Emulates a tube amp’s more heavily overdriven tone, with more odd order harmonics and compression, depth and top-end. While moderately compressed, there is still plenty of depth of tone, dynamics and feel present.

3rd GEAR: An aggressive up-shift from 2nd gear, this heavier and edgier distortion is higher in odd order harmonics as well as having greater compression for a tighter feel. The harder you dig in, the thicker the harmonics and texture, and the more compressed the feel, with greater sustain.

4th GEAR: This is the most aggressive gear of all — a heavy, symmetrical, mostly odd order harmonics style distortion. While there are a lot of harmonics and compression present, this gear does not give up tone but adds additional crush and increased sustain.

The CRASH BOX 4 is a dynamic and versatile distortion pedal and is an excellent compliment with our other pedals and either of our MAGELLAN 350 or MAGELLAN 800 bass amps.


    • Black Lightweight Aluminum Chassis
    • Rugged Stomp Switches
    • Low-noise, Silent Switching Circuitry
    • High-Pass and Low-Pass Filter (Distortion Engine Only)
    • 4 Position Distortion “Gear” Selector Switch
    • Parallel Clean Signal Path
    • High/Low Drive Sensitivity Switch
    • Accepts Power Supplies From 9VDC – 18VDC (low noise type), Either Polarity (auto detecting) 40mA Max — (Power Supply Not Included)
    • Dimensions: 5”W X 4.1”D X 2.3”H
    • Weight: 1 Lb.