EBS MEB Microbass-3

Preamp med vreng og tuner

NOK4 089,00 inkl. mva.


THE EBS MICROBASS3. We’ve all been there. Being forced by circumstances to rely on someone else's gear and left with that uneasy feeling it could turn into a disaster. With the new EBS Microbass 3, you can let go of that feeling and be confident you'll have your sound no matter the situation.

Built on famous EBS amplifier designs

The EBS MicroBass3 is a 2-channel preamp, built exclusively with premium components. It is engineered by EBS in Sweden with technologies from the famous HD360 and Fafner II amplifier designs. Professional grade signal level

The preamp operates at a signal level equal to a professional mixing console (+/- 15V) which gives you plenty of headroom. The high signal level makes it suitable to use as a preamp in combination with any type of power amp. Clean and Drive in series or parallel.

Run the Clean and Drive channels in series or parallel. Use the dual balanced XLR-outputs to tap the signal post and pre EQ at the same time. If you run the Effects loop in stereo mode, the balanced outputs become a Left and Right output instead. Handles any type of bass

With 10 Mohms input impedance, it handles any type of bass –passiveactive or with piezo-pickups. Onboard Tuner & Compressor

The built-in tuner makes it easy to tune between songs without the need of an external device. The MicroBass 3 also carries an onboard compressor, similar to the one found on several EBS amplifiers.

The analog EBS MicroBass 3 ensures your sound – every time.