PJ Bass pickup with ceramic and steel magnets in X series

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Combining our PX-CS and a versatile LJX-CS, the PJX-CS set provides increased headroom giving the voicing a more open tone while retaining the clarity and response that EMG’s are renowned for. Both the pickups in this set are loaded with ceramic steel and powered by a newly designed preamp, the resulting tone being much warmer as a result of the higher inductance of the steel, and thus gives smoother attack and a flatter high end. Since the coil designs are different, different characteristics come out; The PX-CS adds warmth, and incredible low end punch, while the LJX-CS gives tight mid-range punch and dynamic high end response for a well defined attack. Used separately, or in combination, they offer unsurpassed flexibility in bass tones, accommodating both new and traditional bass playing styles, and making your bass sound the way a bass should. The result is pure capability; the capacity to produce everything from tight slap funk to smooth Motown groove, all with a sound that will set you apart. Give it a try and experience why the “X” factor is exciting players all around the world.