EMG P5X 5 string P Bass™

Pickup with additional headroom

NOK1 300,00 inkl. mva.


The P5X provides increased headroom giving the voicing an organic and open tone while still maintaining the clarity and response that EMG’s are renowned for. The P5X is just like an PX, except it´s sized for 5-string bass instead of a 4-string. The Bass pickup of choice since it was developed, the P5X uses short, squat coils that have very little resistance and plenty of inductance. Because the coils are not in series like the passive types, there´s about twice as much low end as a passive pickup. Ceramic magnets are used to add clarity. Countless pros use it because they find it has a natural presence, powerful lows, punchy midrange, and superior definition. Give it a try and experience why the “X” factor is exciting players all around the world.