EMG JX-CS Set Active Jazz Bass™ pickup with ceramic and steel magnets

NOK2 060,00 inkl. mva.


The JX-CS has increased headroom giving the voicing an open tone while still maintaining the clarity and response that EMG’s are renowned for. Featuring ceramic steel magnets and powered by a newly designed preamp, The JX-CS pickup has characteristic jazz bass tone, but due to our custom radiused ceramic steel bar magnet, and the very low ratio of resistance to inductance, the tone is much warmer as a result of the higher inductance of the steel, and thus has a smoother attack and a flatter high end, all with less noise and more signal. So whether you play fretted or fretless bass, playing live or in the studio, you´ll get an incredible full sound to get the job done. Give it a try and experience why the “X” factor is exciting players all around the world.