Schlagwerk BC 462 2inOne Bass Cajon

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The second generation of Schlagwerk Bass Cajons also applies the 2inOne-Snare-Technique. The result: oluminous bass combined with an unexpectedly light and pleasant snare effect. Because of its acoustic power, it is ideal for unplugged gigs.

Schlagwerk 2inOne Cajon

BC 462 2inOne Bass Cajon
Playing surface: Antique Beechwood
Resonance box: 7 layers of Gabon wood
Dimensions: Approx. 20"W x 19"H x 12"D
Snare Effect: 2inOne-Technique with 84 spirals

The Schlagwerk 2inOne Cajon models are built with spirals inside the Cajon that press against the playing surface at a precisely defined angle. When the surfaces are played, the spirals vibrate in a controlled manner and produce a modern snare-cajon sound. The spiral technology can be removed from the 2inOne Cajon in one quick movement. The Cajon then produces the traditional Cuban sound.